The music industry is much discussed in terms of missed opportunities of major players like Universal Music and EMI, and the ability of some companies like Apple to outflank all competitors like Sony.  But there are other companies that are busily moving below the radar.  One of them is Music Intelligence Solutions, or uPlaya to its customers.  uPlaya allows artists to upload their music and have it analyzed and promoted without the intervention of a major label.  It has recently signed contracts with iTunes and MTV to give it credibility.  The company recently won an innovation award.

An innovation such as developed by MIS – essentially the ability to identify hit potential patterns within any music – may be anathema to some music fans but it has a solid research base.  The company is an extension of a company called Polyphonic, founded in Barcelona.  Its story was covered in a Harvard case co-authored by a colleague of ours, Juan Villanueva (“POLYPHONIC HMI: MIXING MUSIC AND MATH”).  It is fast morphing into something quite exciting.  Does it provide a seismic shift in the music industry, judge for yourself.