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Paddy Miller was a speaker at the Creative Innovation 2011 conference.

A good post from K@W on innovation panelists’ definitions of innovation accompanied by examples from their companies.

Booz & Co. has released its annual Global Innovation 1000 survey results. This year’s edition is called Why Culture Is Key. To its thread of the importance of aligning innovation strategy with overall corporate strategy, Booz adds the importance of aligning a company’s culture with its innovation strategy.

We have been emphasizing the link between culture and innovation for some time now.  It is fairly self-evident however that bolting it down becomes more difficult, as can be seen in the Global Innovation 1000 report – the authors’ most relevant finding is that “there is no statistically significant relationship between financial performance and innovation spending…” but they still proceed to dedicate more than half of their study to reading meaning into that non-existent link.

The Innovation Architect programme includes a section on the lessons gained from watching conductors at work conducting great orchestras. However here Paddy Miller questions Ben Zander, Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, about whether it’s all emotion and of little practical value.

Financial Times article discusses multinationals’ attempts to create a self-policing culture of accountability in distant workforces, and the desirability of cultural transfer in both directions between a parent and its foreign operations.

An interesting wine industry discussion on innovating follows a blog post by Christopher Dolan on Paddy Miller’s World Innovation Forum talk. A separate post by him outlines the key insights from Paddy’s presentation at the forum.

The Financial Times just published an article of ours, on the topic of innovation in big companies.

See as a PDF of the print version or online on FT’s website.

Forbes interviews Gary Hamel and describes the winning ideas from MIX’s management innovation contest.  In a separate article Henry Chesbrough talks about competing for third party contributors.

IESE Publishing produced a short promo video where we present our case study on pfizerWorks, the prizewinning initiative created by Jordan Cohen of Pfizer.

Watch the video on IESE’s website.

In a Wall Street Journal post, Gary Hamel argues that Management 1.0 no longer suffices and must make way for a new model for the future, Management 2.0.