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Happy Birthday IESE Insight
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IESE Insight review celebrates its first birthday this month. To mark the occasion, we will give you a year’s subscription to the review (4 issues) and your friend will get a six-month subscription (2 issues) for free! Simply tell a friend to send an e-mail ( with the subject line “Happy Birthday, IESE Insight” before July 25, 2010. Be sure your friend includes both your names and e-mail addresses to obtain this special offer.

Financial Times article discusses Prof. Josep Valor’s case study on Sports Illustrated’s digital venture, which illustrates “how the current digital, technological revolution is changing the face of traditional business models.”

The third issue of IESE Insight Review, IESE’s management journal, is out now.  Articles of interest include Amy Shuen and Sandra Sieber on collaborative innovation.

Also, Sandra Sieber recently conducted a continuous education session in New York titled “Google and the Future of the Digital Landscape.”

The second issue of IESE Insight Review, IESE’s management journal, is out now and available free until 2010.  Articles of interest include Bruno Cassiman on university partnerships benefitting industry innovation and Venkat Ramaswamy on co-creation.

Article on case study about innovative chef Ferran Adrià, who has been called “the best chef in the world,” and his team at El Bulli.

IESE to Host Global Entrepreneurship Week

During the week November 17-23, Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Spain will be hosted by IESE’s Center For Family-owned Business and Entrepreneurship (CEFIE). This global initiative will encourage young entrepreneurs to get involved in global business activities and, in doing so, create value for their own local economies and communities. Representatives of business associations such as First Tuesday and EO (Entrepreneur Organization) will join forces with institutions committed to the development and promotion of entrepreneurship, such as Madri+D, Madrid Emprende, Barcelona Activa, ACC1Ó, Active Capital Partners, Eurecan and IESE, to spearhead this project in Spain.